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Greenwich 2011

                                                                                                                              English week 2011

Hey! Today I want to tell you about new event in our school.

So you know what I’m going to talk about, don’t you? Yes, you are right! I want to share with you my impressions of English week in my school.

What is "English Week” in general??

The English Week  is a special time where teachers of English enhance the English language as the world's language. In this week, it is common that students participate in different contests, for example: murals, stands,  dictations, singing songs, games, and so on.

So after this input I want to hold forth about event which happened in our school during last week.
Small timeline of that week.

Monday: it was first day of  a big "game”. Yes I wrote game, because we did a lot of interesting things…. Actually you’ll find all information about competitions and the same stuff below.

Basically I think that " English Week ” began on Saturday when a lot of pupils met together to prepare stands. I asked a lot of children about their Saturday and they said that it was quite funny and it really wasJ.

So when we went to school on Monday girls from every form were standing near the wall ready to hitch up their wall newspapers. Many of them were very creative: some about England, some about America and my favourite one was about Hollywood. During day a lot of pupils tried to speake English and when I was duty in the hall I heard a conversation which made me smile. It was just like:   

—hey :)))

—hey :)))

—how are you?

—eeeee what did you ask?( Of course in ukrainian )

—how are you?

—owww…I still don’t understand you…(in ukrainian)


—I’m tired! Let’s talk in ukrainian

Haha! You must agree that it’s funny, but  at least they tried, so I respect them.


On the 2nd day we were ready to show our perfomances.  all were to participate, so it was funny when someone who don’t know English at all tried to say one but so hard word which he entrusted to learn. But every form prepared something that’s why we were absorbed in such incredible atmosphere.


It was a day of "foreign” holidays. I said foreing, because it were holidays that we don’t celebrate. Pupils of every form prepared some tasty dishes and protected them. It was a feast for the stomach and soul.

Thursday was for art lovers. Anyone could bring his pictures or read a poem. Different tasties different choses. I chosed poem, so after 3rd lesson we went to the English classroom and read our favourite English poems. It was amazing.


The end of track. The week was funny and interesting but everyone was happy that it finished, because it’s too many events for one week, so everyone wanted to take a rest.


                             I want to thank everyonewho took a hand in this part of school life.


                                                                                You know, you love me

The gossip

Prepared this article

student 9-b form

Lozinska Anastasia

created by dikvik@group
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