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  English week 2015

  Our school has many different traditions. One of them is organize English week which we spend every year. During this year English week hold from 23rd to 27th February in our school. All students from 5th to 11th  forms could take participation  . We had a lot of interesting and funny events during the English week . Nobody missed.
  On Monday, every form brought its wall newspapers, pictures and computer projects. Throughout the week, participants could tell verses and show their plays. Also this year appeared something new in thematic week. Students could come up with their voice acting in American movies and cartoons, and then show them to others. On Wednesday we had sweet desk. All classes could prepare their favourite meals and tell about them. Everybody had a great time to show the dishes and to share recipes. Atmosphere was warm and cheerful in the classroom. Students of 9th form demonstrated the best presentation of their dishes. They prepared a funny and comedy skit too. Students of 11th  form have beaten the record for the number of pictures. Students of 5th-b prepared the best sweet dishes. All classes have tried hard to win. Participants had unforgettable emotions.
You can offer your new ideas for the English week next year. We hope that you enjoyed this week and it did not leave you indifferent. Thanks to everyone for your active participation!
With love

Olena Hohlyuk

9 form

  5-a form. Newspaper. We are real Ukrainian)))



















                                                             5-a form. Ukrainian folk tale.



                                                            5-b form. Competition.

6 form. Dance.

9 form. No comments.

9 form. No comments again.

11 form prepared tale for junior students.

                                                                  English poems.


                                                              English pictures.

11 form. Sweet desk.

5-a form. Sweet desk.

                                                          8 form. Sweet desk.

9 form. Sweet desk.

10 form. Sweet desk.

                                                                5-b form. Sweet desk.

It was English week 2015.

created by dikvik@group
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